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Why Wheelhouse

Called to action by climate change and environmental injustice - issues that demand diverse skills and inspired, motivated leadership - Dr. Twila Moon and artist/activist Nina Elder founded the Wheelhouse Institute in 2018. Wheelhouse addresses a serious need in women’s professional development, a need for facilitated peer-to-peer networking and structure to guide women in identifying, sharing, and applying their skills. As we face climate and environment challenges, women are leading the way in developing new community-to-community partnerships. But it is difficult to forge new paths without a network of support and connection. Wheelhouse supports women pushing past linear, disciplinary paths to create lasting impact.

Through intensive women-teaching-women workshops, cohort-building, and mentorship, Wheelhouse Women harness and transform their roles as change-makers and leaders

Before forming Wheelhouse, we saw that even the most brilliant women are often hesitant to reach across the disciplinary divide. And even successful women leaders don’t always recognizing their own skills and the value those hold. Wheelhouse programs are designed to help women identify and share their skills, gain knowledge and support from a diverse cohort, and increase their leadership confidence. This model facilitates personal networks that open space for collaboration and cross-discipline work, and provide Wheelhouse Women with tools to reap the financial and personal rewards of a career with more stability, sustainability, and breadth

Research shows that a woman’s placement into a leadership position strongly depends on whether that woman has a robust inner network of women providing community and organization links. Wheelhouse creates this network within each annual cohort and across the organization and our supporters.