Wheelhouse is women-to-women
development and empowerment.


Building Networks through annual cohorts

Wheelhouse Institute fosters communities of women to harness and transform our roles as change-makers and leaders. Called to action by significant issues that demand diverse skills and inspired, motivated leadership, Wheelhouse amplifies our collective potential.

Wheelhouse is a place for co-learning and action planning. Participants teach and learn, guide and respond, and work across our fields of expertise to amplify and actualize their individual and collective ideas. 

Each year, Wheelhouse brings together a small group of professional women across art, science, and communication to build relationships, skill-share, and foster success at the intersection of these fields. Annual cohorts come together for in-person workshops twice per year, meet one-on-one across the group throughout the year, and meet virtually as a whole to continue the practices that form the basis for Wheelhouse activities, including workshopping and skill-sharing. Diversity in leadership is also needed. We envision a more diverse future, for Wheelhouse and for the organizations and communities that we serve. This is a primary goal as Wheelhouse grows.

Workshopping and skill-sharing

Fostering professional success is at the core of the Wheelhouse mission. We recognize the broad skills of our participants and understand that having a board of advising professionals can facilitate great leaps forward. Wheelhouse builds on both of the ideas through skill-sharing and workshopping.

Skill-sharing: Each Wheelhouse woman is asked to reflect on the key skills (not topical knowledge) that have helped build her success, and then to teach one or more of these skills to the group. Topics example include: design thinking and rapid prototyping, objective story telling, deep listening, and effective program design and evaluation.

Workshopping: There is great power in bringing together many perspectives to solve a problem. In this spirit, Wheelhouse emphasizes group workshopping. Throughout the year, Wheelhouse women can bring a problem, question, or idea to the full group to address with our collective skills and knowledge. In essence, every participant gets to have a personal advisory board of experts to help her realize her dreams, cultivate success, and move forward with confidence.